Neural Circuits and Cognition Lab

The goal of our research program is to understand how cognitive functions are mediated by interactions of cortical and subcortical circuits. Our primary focus is to elucidate how the brain pays attention to motivational salient stimuli and amplifies the associated cortical processing by engaging a key neural circuit we identified in recent years - salience-encoding neurons in the basal forebrain (BF). The laboratory combines multiple experimental approaches, including neuronal ensemble recording in behaving rats and mice, as well as behavioral, optogenetic, pharmacological and computational techniques. Our ultimate goal is to develop therapeutic interventions that can be used to alleviate impairments in attention control in conditions such as aging, schizophrenia and ADHD.

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  • 2020/02/24: 誠徵研究助理,主要工作為 小鼠育種與管理,鼠腦組織免疫染色及小鼠立體定位。詳情請見連結

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  • 預定 2020/07/02 舉辦 技術交流工作坊:次世代活體多電極紀錄平台 。詳情請見連結。歡迎報名參加,一同分享您的經驗。
  • 2020/05/19: 恭喜 謝雨蓁 代表神研所拿到 陽明大學碩士班優良論文獎學金入圍獎
  • 2020/01/18: Congratulations to 謝雨蓁 for winning the Outstanding Award in the Student Presentation Competition in the 2020 Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Meeting (台灣認知神經科學年會 學生優秀論文競賽優等獎)
  • 2019/08/28: Dr. Shih-Chieh Lin received the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Shackleton Program Grant (沙克爾頓計劃)
  • 2019/07/01: Welcome onboard our new Master's students (郭沐恩, 謝昆霖, 劉曉甄 & 丁冠云) and summer interns!
  • 2019/06/24: Congratulations to 林育慧 , who is awarded MOST College Student Research Creativity Award (科技部108年度「大專學生研究計畫」)
  • 2019/04/02: Add courses and online resources section
  • 2019/03/25: New lab website launched!
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