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Lab News!

  • 2020/01/18: Congratulations to 謝雨蓁 for winning the Outstanding Award in the Student Presentation Competition in the 2020 Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Meeting (台灣認知神經科學年會 學生優秀論文競賽優等獎)
  • 2019/08/28: Dr. Shih-Chieh Lin received the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Shackleton Program Grant (沙克爾頓計劃)
  • 2019/07/01: Welcome onboard our new Master's students: 郭沐恩, 謝昆霖, 劉曉甄 & 丁冠云!
  • 2019/06/24: Congratulations to 林育慧 , who is awarded MOST College Student Research Creativity Award (科技部108年度「大專學生研究計畫」)

Principal Investigator

Professor, Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan (since 2017)

Ming-Ching Chiang, PhD 江明憬

Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-)

Ph.D. in Life science & Medical Bioscience from Waseda University (2018)

Interests: Watch rats sleeping in the cage; Check out interesting references on Pubmed; Mess up python environment in Mac

Shu-Ting Wu 吳舒婷

Technician (2018-)


Cheng-Ze Lee 李承澤

Master's student (2017-)


Chiung-Wen Ma 麻瓊文

Master's student (2018-)


Yu-Chen Hsieh 謝雨蓁

Master's student (2018-)

清華大學 應用科學系

Mu-En Kuo 郭沐恩

Master's student (2019-)

海洋大學 生命科學暨生物科技學系

Kun-Lin Hsieh 謝昆霖

Master's student (2019-)


Hsiao-Chen Liu 劉曉甄

Master's student (2019-)


Kuan-Yun Ting 丁冠云

Master's student (2019-)


Karen Yan, PhD 嚴如玉

Philosopher-in-residence 駐站哲學家 & Associate Professor

Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Email: | Personal website:

My research focuses on developing methods for analyzing neuroscientific practice and its epistemological and metaphysical implications. Currently, I am working on topics such as causal reasoning in neurophysiology, computational modeling in neuroscience, and the uses of idealizations and abstractions in modeling. I am also developing methods for identifying exemplary practices in a field of research and conducting transdisciplinary research in mind/brain science.

Undergraduate Students


I'm a fifth-year medical student in NYMU. Currently I'm working on a research project about how recent reward history guides choice behavior in a dynamically changing environment.



Undergraduate Intern from YM Life Science

Loves music, sports, puzzle games and rodents (guinea pigs are the best!!!)



I am a junior student at YM University majoring in life science. I am interested in cognitive neuroscience.


Mentorship and Trainee Awards


NIH Graduate Partnerships Program Outstanding Mentor Award (2014)

NIA Post Baccalaureate Distinguished Mentor Award (2016)

Honors and Awards for Trainees

1. Nguyen D.P.: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) postdoctoral fellowship for foreign researchers (short-term), 2010

2. Nelson G.M.: The Scientific Director's Award at NIA postbac poster day 2011

3. Nelson G.M.: NIH postbac award at NIH postbac poster day 2011

4. Nguyen D.P.: Nathan W. Shock Postdoctoral Travel Award, National Institute on Aging, 2012

5. Deshpande K.S.: Barbara A. Hughes Award of Excellence for best poster among summer student interns, National Institute on Aging, 2013

6. Mayse J.D.: NIH NRSA F31 Grant (F31AG045039), The Neural Basis of Response Inhibition, 2013

7. Scaglione A.: 2nd place award for the best systems neuroscience poster (postdoc category) at the Baltimore Chapter of Society for Neuroscience poster session, 2014

8. Manzur H.: 2015 NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE)

9. 林育慧 , MOST College Student Research Creativity Award (科技部108年度 大專學生研究計畫), 2019

10. 謝雨蓁, Outstanding Award in the Student Presentation Competition, Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Meeting (台灣認知神經科學年會 學生優秀論文競賽優等獎), 2020

Summer Interns

2019: Jimmy Su, Taipei American School

2019: Ying-Yi Lam, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2019: Chang-Ting Yeh, NYU Shanghai, Neural Science Major

2019: 陳祺侑, Yang-Ming University, Medical Student

2018: Brandon Lim, Taipei American School

2018: Duncan Chang, Taipei American School

Lab Alumni

Alumni @ YM INS lab

Undergraduate students

2019: 劉殷豪, 江寧, 王可可, 李政哲

2018: 倪詠綸, 劉昱

Alumni @ NIH lab

Postdoctoral fellows (immediate position after leaving the lab)

1. David P. Nguyen (2010-2013): Senior Manager, Translational Neuroscience, Pfizer Inc

2. Irene Avila (2010-2014): Scientific Program Analyst, Scientific Workforce Diversity, Office of the Director, NIH

3. Sylvina M. Raver (2014-2015): Training & Policy Manager at Society for Neuroscience

4. Hachi Manzur (2011-2016): Neurology Resident at University of Chile

5. Alessandro Scaglione (2011-2017): Research Associate, European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy

Graduate students (immediate position after leaving the lab)

1. Jeffrey D. Mayse (co-mentoring with Michela Gallagher) (2010-2014): Postdoctoral fellow, Brown University

IRTA students (NIH Postbaccalaureate training program, immediate position after leaving the lab)

1. Geoffrey M. Nelson (2009-2011): PhD at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

2. Ksenia Vlasov (2013-2015): Research Assistant, MIT/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

3. Nathan W. Whitmore (2014-2016): Neuroscience PhD program, Northwesten University

4. Ruby Lam (2014-2016): Neuroscience PhD program, NIH/Brown University

5. Jing Liang (2015-2016): Neuroscience PhD program, NIH/Brown University

6. Ashley Nelson, MS (2016-2017): MD/PhD program, University of Arizona

7. Aleksandra S. Safonova (2016-2017): Medical School, University of Pittsburgh

8. Shehzad S. Ukani, MS (2016-2017): Technical IRTA fellow at NIDA IRP

9. Marlian Montesinos-Cartagena (2016-2017): Postbaccalaureate fellow at NIDA IRP

10. Joshua B. Hunt (2016-2017): Neuroscience PhD program, University of Colorado Denver

11. Jay K. Gupta (2016-2017): MD program, Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Summer and visiting students

1. Kaivalya S. Deshpande (2013), University of Michigan

2. Matthew Vetere (2015), Syracuse University

3. Shih-Yi Chuang (2016-2017), National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan

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