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  • 2019/06/24: Congratulations to 林育慧 , who is awarded MOST College Student Research Creativity Award (科技部108年度「大專學生研究計畫」)

Shih-Chieh (CJ) Lin, MD, PhD 林士傑

Principal Investigator

Professor, Institute of Neuroscience, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan (since 2017)

Ming-Ching Chiang, PhD 江明憬

Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-)

Ph.D. in Life science & Medical Bioscience from Waseda University (2018)

Interests: Watch rats sleeping in the cage; Check out interesting references on Pubmed; Mess up python environment in Mac

Shu-Ting Wu 吳舒婷

Technician (2018-)

Cheng-Ze Lee 李承澤

Master's student (2017-)

Chiung-Wen Ma 麻瓊文

Master's student (2018-)

Yu-Chen Hsieh 謝雨蓁

Master's student (2018-)

Mu-En Kuo 郭沐恩

Master's student (2019-)

Kun-Lin Hsieh 謝昆霖

Master's student (2019-)

Hsiao-Chen Liu 劉曉甄

Master's student (2019-)

Kuan-Yun Ting 丁冠云

Master's student (2019-)

Karen Yan, PhD 嚴如玉

Philosopher-in-residence 駐站哲學家 & Associate Professor

Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Email: | Personal website:

My research focuses on developing methods for analyzing neuroscientific practice and its epistemological and metaphysical implications. Currently, I am working on topics such as causal reasoning in neurophysiology, computational modeling in neuroscience, and the uses of idealizations and abstractions in modeling. I am also developing methods for identifying exemplary practices in a field of research and conducting transdisciplinary research in mind/brain science.

Undergraduate students


I'm a fourth-year medical student in NYMU. Currently I'm working on a research project about how recent reward history guides choice behavior in a dynamically changing environment.



Undergraduate Intern from YM Life Science

Loves music, sports, puzzle games and rodents (guinea pigs are the best!!!)



I am a sophomore student at YM University majoring in life science. I am interested in cognitive neuroscience.



I am a sophomore medical student at the National Yang Ming University. I am interested in neurodegenerative disease and cognitive neuroscience.



Second year medical student at Yang-Ming University



First year medical student at Yang-Ming University



First year medical student at Yang-Ming University



First year medical student at Yang-Ming University


Summer Interns

2019: Jimmy Su, Taipei American School

2019: Ying-Yi Lam, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2018: Brandon Lim, Taipei American School

2018: Duncan Chang, Taipei American School

Alumni & Mentorship Awards

Alumni @ YM INS lab

Undergraduate students

2018: 倪詠綸, 劉昱

Alumni @ NIH lab

Postdoctoral fellows (immediate position after leaving the lab)

1. David P. Nguyen (2010-2013): Senior Manager, Translational Neuroscience, Pfizer Inc

2. Irene Avila (2010-2014): Scientific Program Analyst, Scientific Workforce Diversity, Office of the Director, NIH

3. Sylvina M. Raver (2014-2015): Training & Policy Manager at Society for Neuroscience

4. Hachi Manzur (2011-2016): Neurology Resident at University of Chile

5. Alessandro Scaglione (2011-2017): Research Associate, European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy

Graduate students (immediate position after leaving the lab)

1. Jeffrey D. Mayse (co-mentoring with Michela Gallagher) (2010-2014): Postdoctoral fellow, Brown University

IRTA students (NIH Postbaccalaureate training program, immediate position after leaving the lab)

1. Geoffrey M. Nelson (2009-2011): PhD at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

2. Ksenia Vlasov (2013-2015): Research Assistant, MIT/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

3. Nathan W. Whitmore (2014-2016): Neuroscience PhD program, Northwesten University

4. Ruby Lam (2014-2016): Neuroscience PhD program, NIH/Brown University

5. Jing Liang (2015-2016): Neuroscience PhD program, NIH/Brown University

6. Ashley Nelson, MS (2016-2017): MD/PhD program, University of Arizona

7. Aleksandra S. Safonova (2016-2017): Medical School, University of Pittsburgh

8. Shehzad S. Ukani, MS (2016-2017): Technical IRTA fellow at NIDA IRP

9. Marlian Montesinos-Cartagena (2016-2017): Postbaccalaureate fellow at NIDA IRP

10. Joshua B. Hunt (2016-2017): Neuroscience PhD program, University of Colorado Denver

11. Jay K. Gupta (2016-2017): MD program, Stony Brook University School of Medicine

Summer and visiting students

1. Kaivalya S. Deshpande (2013), University of Michigan

2. Matthew Vetere (2015), Syracuse University

3. Shih-Yi Chuang (2016-2017), National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan

Mentorship Awards


NIH Graduate Partnerships Program Outstanding Mentor Award (2014)

NIA Post Baccalaureate Distinguished Mentor Award (2016)

Honors and Awards for Trainees

1. Nguyen D.P.: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) postdoctoral fellowship for foreign researchers (short-term), 2010

2. Nelson G.M.: The Scientific Director's Award at NIA postbac poster day 2011

3. Nelson G.M.: NIH postbac award at NIH postbac poster day 2011

4. Nguyen D.P.: Nathan W. Shock Postdoctoral Travel Award, National Institute on Aging, 2012

5. Deshpande K.S.: Barbara A. Hughes Award of Excellence for best poster among summer student interns, National Institute on Aging, 2013

6. Mayse J.D.: NIH NRSA F31 Grant (F31AG045039), The Neural Basis of Response Inhibition, 2013

7. Scaglione A.: 2nd place award for the best systems neuroscience poster (postdoc category) at the Baltimore Chapter of Society for Neuroscience poster session, 2014

8. Manzur H.: 2015 NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE)

9. 林育慧 , MOST College Student Research Creativity Award (科技部108年度「大專學生研究計畫」), 2019

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